CDN Pax Stranded Following Cubana Crash Offered Options, Reassurance

Kerry Sharpe, Open Jaw

With more than 300 Canadians stuck in Cuba following last week’s Cubana Airlines crash that has since grounded operations, in a tweet from 21MAY, Hola Sun/Caribe Sol has expressed regret at the situation and has assured passengers that the airline is resuming service and they will be flown back this week.

However, frustrations are mounting among the stranded customers over the lack of information being provided, with customer saying what little they do get is often inaccurate.

While some are waiting it out, other passengers have sought out other airlines for assistance.

“We have offered Caribe Sol/Hola Sun the use of any available seats on our existing flights back to Canada over the next seven days, which is being coordinated locally by our Cuban team,” said Andrew Dawson, COO, Sunwing Travel Group.

ACV’s managing director Nino Montagnese highlights the flights they have operating from HAV, VRA, SNU, HOG and CCC, “which customers are more than welcome to book for their return flights. Space is limited however there are some seats available.”

The worst aviation incident in Cuba in three decades, the Mexican air charter company – Damojh Airlines – who Cubana had been leasing the affected aircraft from for only a few weeks, is now under investigation following complaints of previous safety violations.

Kerry Sharpe

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