“We’re Ready”: Puerto Rico Makes Its Case To Wary Travellers

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Flying into San Juan.

Amidst reports that travellers are still wary of choosing Puerto Rico, the island’s tourism industry believes there are misconceptions about how ready the island is to welcome new guests. 

The Puerto Rico Tourism Company making its case with facts about the current state of tourism and the readiness of the industry to accommodate visitors. 

Here are some of the highlights:


  • For the next cruising season the island expects a record-breaking 1.7 million passengers, expected to generate roughly $250 million USD in revenue for the economy. 
  • 87% of hotels are open and operating, and of those that aren’t, renovations are in progress. Several more properties will reopen prior to the winter season.
  • There are 28 airlines currently serving SJU, including WestJet and Air Canada.
  • Over 200,000 homeport pax have embarked since October, 2017 and 116 shore excursions are operational.
  • Nearly 2,000 restaurants are open for business, including 16 of 21 ‘Mesones Gastronomicos’ – restaurants distinguished by their high quality of cuisine and service. There are 15 distinctive ‘Paradores’ lodgings open as well.
  • 184 tourist attractions and 13 golf courses are welcoming visitors. 

Online chatter suggests that one of the bigger fears of potential visitors is the stability of the electrical and water systems. Puerto Rico has some very encouraging numbers here too: 

  • Power generation is at 95%
  • Telecommunications services are 99% operational
  • Over 99% of the San Juan area has running water 
  • ATMs and hospitals are fully operational

In a statement, the PRTC said:

“We’ve been encouraging travelers since late December to visit and see first-hand our comeback for themselves. Alongside the reminder that one of the best ways people can support Puerto Rico is by visiting – staying at hotels, eating at restaurants, enjoying our Island’s activities, and buying from local businesses, our ‘we’re open for tourism’ message is being heard loud and clear,” said Acting Executive Director of the PRTC, Carla Campos.

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