TPI Notes A “Marked Increase In Engagement” At Nationwide Summit Events

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Travel Professionals International (TPI) held its annual Summit Events across Canada from 22MAY to 2JUN. Taking place in nine major cities nationwide, over 375 advisors participated in the events – a marked increase in engagement over 2017, according to a statement from the company.

“These events are important touch points for TPI to ensure we continue to help our advisors work smarter and not harder,” said Zeina Gedeon, TPI CEO.

The events launched TPI’s partnership with Arclabs, which provides clients with the ability to pay with Bitcoin-cryptocurrency for their vacations. “We, as a company, believe in the concept of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is a secure, easy option for our customers to purchase vacations,” continued Gedeon. Other items launched during the Summit Events include new consumer offers, lead generation programs, and further technology initiatives.

“I am constantly amazed at all of the hard work our advisors do to grow their business. They are the backbone of our company, and it's a great pleasure working together to succeed in business. The feedback from our Summits that we have received from our Advisors and Partners was nothing short of fantastic and the information shared was focused on the tools that can assist with business growth and future success,” said Gedeon. 


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