TravCorp Canada Brings Distribution In-House

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Jeff Element

The Travel Corporation Canada (TTC) has announced the launch of a new online brochure portal entitled 'TTC in Print.' 

Effective immediately, travel agents can order brochures from a variety of TTC-owned brands, including Luxury Gold, Insight Vacations, Trafalgar, Cost Saver, Uniworld, U by Uniworld, Contiki and Busabout, directly from TTC Canada. 

The new online procurement site is housed in the company's warehouse at its Toronto headquarters. It features over 500 pallet locations, and TTC says agents will now be able to receive their orders in a timely fashion without having to rely on third-party fulfillment services.

"As we continue to innovate, we are excited and proud to bring our brands' brochure distribution in-house with 'TTC in Print' as a way to further help our valued trade partners across Canada," said Jeff Element, president of The Travel Corporation Canada. 

"The introduction of this new brochure portal will by no means have any impact on service levels, but what it will do is make ordering brochures from any of our brands a much more seamless experience, so agents can focus more on their clients and have immediate access to all of our TTC brands brochures."

A welcome email containing temporary login details and passwords to access 'TTC in Print' was sent to agencies last week. Agents are encouraged to pre-register by logging in at For any agents that have not yet received a welcome email from TTC Canada, they are asked to email and follow up.
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