ACV Winter Flight Lineup: 58 Additional Weekly Flights To The Sun

Bruce Parkinson, Open Jaw

Air Canada Vacations has revealed its lineup for winter 2018/19 flights to warm weather destinations, on board Air Canada and Air Canada Rouge.

Highlights include a new route to Hawaii, brand-new 737-MAX aircraft, increased frequency on popular routes and increased fall capacity: 

NEW ROUTE: Vancouver to Lihue, Hawaii (beginning Dec 15th, Tue/Thu/Sat) 

NEW 737-MAX:Air Canada’s new 737-MAX aircraft feature technological advances for quiet, efficient and environmentally friendly air travel.

The following flights will be flown on the new aircraft: Vancouver and Calgary flights to 

Hawaii, Vancouver flights to Mexico and Calgary flights to Cancun. 


This winter, Air Canada Vacations is offering 58 new flights to sun destinations:


  • 29 additional flights per week, consisting of 20 to Hawaii (including double daily flights from Vancouver to each of Honolulu and Maui), three new flights from Vancouver to Lihue, two additional flights from Vancouver to Kona and one additional flight from Calgary to Maui.  
  • There are nine additional flights to Mexico including three from from Calgary to Puerto Vallarta (now foru flights weekly), two additional flights from Calgary to Los Cabos (now three times weekly) and two additional flights from Vancouver to each of Ixtapa (now three times weekly) and Cancun (now four times weekly). 



  • 19 additional flights per week including three additional flights from Toronto to Liberia (now daily service), three additional flights from Toronto to Cancun (now 17 flights per week), two additional flights from Toronto to Los Cabos and one additional flight from Toronto to each of Cartagena, Curacao, Grenada, St. Vincent, Belize City, Honolulu, Aruba, Bermuda and Kingston. From Ottawa, Air Canada will feature an additional flight to each of Punta Cana and Cancun. As well, ACV will be resuming service from Toronto to St. Maarten on 15DEC and San Juan 28OCT. 


  • 10 additional flights per week including two additional flights from Montreal to each of Cancun (now 14 flights per week) and Liberia (now three times per week) and one additional flight from Montreal to each of Curacao, Montego Bay, San Jose, Puerto Vallarta, Cozumel and Martinique. ACV will resume service from Montreal to San Juan on 15DEC.

 EARLY FALL PROGRAM: Three routes will commence in November this year, rather than mid-December:   

  • Montreal to Liberia will commence 3NOV 
  • Vancouver to Ixtapa will commence 1NOV 
  • Toronto to St. Kitts will commence 3NOV 


In addition, nine flights will start in late October (28OCT or 29OCT) including: 

  • Vancouver to Cancun and Los Cabos
  • Calgary to Los Cabos
  • Montreal to Cayo Coco, Cozumel and Puerto Vallarta
  • Toronto to Cozumel, Liberia and Los Cabos 

“Air Canada Vacations is pleased to demonstrate its commitment to the travel trade by offering consumers the ability to access our packaged vacations with so many more flight options from our top gateways across the country,” said Managing Director Nino Montagnese. “We know the travelling public wants options, and we are excited to be able to provide them.” 

Bruce Parkinson

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