Jamaica Continues To See Significant Growth In Tourism Numbers

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Edmund Bartlett

Jamaica celebrated an overall market growth of 5.4% for the first six months of the year, with stopover tourist arrivals increasing by 5.9% and cruise by 4.8% over the same period last year.

For the period January to June 2018, Jamaica recorded over 1.25 million stopover arrivals and over 1 million cruise arrivals. This means the island welcomed over 100,000 more tourists year-over-year and earned a sizeable increase in foreign exchange earnings. Stopover arrivals accounted for US$1.459 billion in earnings and cruise accounted for US$100.6 million, totalling US$1.556 billion, which represents an increase of 7.3%.

In referencing the enhanced security measures implemented in the parish of St. James in January of this year, as well as the potential negative outcomes, Minister of Tourism Edmund Bartlett reported that “the strong on-the-ground marketing engagements which brought us face to face with key stakeholders here and around the world, have helped to not only stave off any fall-out from these measures but also increased growth in arrivals to our shores.”

Speaking about the marketing activities that were engaged to keep Jamaica top of mind, director of tourism Donovan White noted that “it has been all hands on deck as teams locally and overseas spread the message of destination Jamaica’s commitment to providing exciting and authentic experiences to all visitors. As we ramp up our digital marketing strategies among a range of other initiatives, we are confident that the value of our tourism product will continue to attract visitors.”

Kerry Sharpe

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