Uniglobe Travel Expands In Quebec

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Uniglobe Travel (Eastern Canada) has announced that Montreal-based Voyages GAMSPS and Groupe Voyages VP have joined its Partner Agency Program, which assists agencies in growing their corporate business with tools and technology to attract new and retain existing clients.

Voyages GAMSPS is a merger of two leading travel agencies in the Montreal Area. It is a full-service corporate and leisure agency with a 24/7 emergency line.  Eli Cohen, Shirlie Mauer, Gregory Respitz and Sara Rinzler head up the ownership team at Voyages GAMSPS.

"Just as important as acquiring knowledge is having an opportunity to apply it," said Eli Cohen. "We recognize our social responsibilities to the Montreal Community.  We dream big and adapt as situations change."

Groupe Voyages VP is owned by Paul Larivière, Marie-Hélène Jacques, Nathalie Guilbert and Charles Richer. GVVP is known for its boutique approach for corporate travel and their expertise in luxury travel, partnering with their customers for over 40 years. GVVP will remain an Ensemble agency, in addition to their new affiliation on the corporate side with UNIGLOBE Travel.

Kerry Sharpe

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