Royalton To Drop Straws, Reduce Plastic Bottles

Bruce Parkinson, Open Jaw

Royalton Luxury Resorts has implemented two new waste-reduction initiatives to strengthen its commitment to environmental sustainability. 

Effective 1OCT, 2018, all Royalton Resorts, Hideaway at Royalton and CHIC by Royalton hotels will have phased out single-use straws and significantly reduced plastic bottle waste with the roll out of a new eco-friendly water filtration system across bar and restaurant facilities in partnership with Vero Water.

In partnership with eco-friendly solution provider OneLink Global, Royalton has incorporated the Vero Water purification system  which removes impurities, chemicals, and imperfections in. 

At the end of purification, the water is chilled and delivered still or sparkling to a reusable one litre glass bottle, eliminating an estimated 2,149,844 plastic water bottles. OneLink Global has also introduced sustainable industrial cleaning practices to various Royalton Resorts, combining ecologically green technology with an award-winning Green Chemical Program.

“We operate in some of the world’s most picturesque locations and are proud of our continued investment to keep them this way,”, said Mauricio Zarate, Royalton’s Corporate Director of Operations. 

Other aspects of Royalton Resorts’ sustainability program include: recycling programs, solar energy utilization, dedicated on-site composting, donations of surplus food peels to local farmers, light bulb updates to energy-saving LED lights, reduction of paper consumption, energy use reduction plans, and towel re-use programs in guest rooms.    

Bruce Parkinson

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