TS Partners To Offer Flight & Rail Package In France & Belgium

Graeme Peto, Open Jaw

Air Transat will offer a new product combining air and rail travel, in partnership with SNCF, France’s national rail service. The airline’s customers will be able to purchase a single ticket for flights to Paris as well as TGV AIR service, enabling easy connections to 19 cities in France and Brussels, Belgium

Air Transat and SNCF promise a simple service consisting of a single booking, single fare, and single ticket. It will be available as of JAN 2019, with bookings opening in DEC 2018.

“With TGV AIR, we want to make life easier for travellers and broaden their horizons year-round, making it easy for families, friends and vacationers to get where they want to go in France or Belgium, experiencing new destinations and reaching them faster," says  Annick Guérard, Chief Operating Officer, Transat. 

"We are pleased to be the first airline in mainland North America to offer this service in partnership with SNCF. TGV AIR is the perfect complement to our range of direct flights to France and Belgium.”

The high-speed rail service will depart and arrive from CDG, which is used by TS for direct flights out of Montreal (daily), Quebec City, Toronto, and Vancouver. 

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