Sunwing’s Nexus Tours Launches Agent Booking Channel

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Nexus president Ruben Gutierrez

Nexus Tours, the Sunwing Travel Group-owned destination management company operating in the Caribbean and Latin America, has launched an agent booking channel, the Travel Partner Portal, through its new online distribution platform, NexusCube.

In a statement, NexusTours president Ruben Gutierrez called NexusCube's launch "the most important milestone of our strategic plan." Another element of that plan is for the company to expand into 50 new destinations over the next three years.

The platform currently includes up to 16,000 online-bookable accommodations. It also features a number of activities, including over 4,000 excursions, as well as a variety of transfer options.

Roberto Bermudez, senior corporate director of distribution and product, said in a statement that car rentals, cruises and air tickets will also be available on the platform "in the near future."

NexusTours currently has a presence in over 15 countries and 47 destinations.

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