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Annick Guérard

Air Transat has announced a partnership with easyJet and its ‘Worldwide by easyJet’ connections service. This web platform now distributes Air Transat flights, allowing customers flying through London Gatwick Airport to connect on to a number of destinations in Europe and Africa with easyJet.

“London Gatwick has been a European mainstay for Air Transat for 30 years, with daily direct flights from Toronto as well as departures from major Canadian cities such as Vancouver, Calgary and Montreal. Moreover, it serves as one of easyJet’s main airports,” said Annick Guérard, chief operating officer at Transat. “This agreement reinforces the importance of London Gatwick for Air Transat, which was named the 2018 World's Best Leisure Airline. It makes us even more versatile, as we open up a range of new destinations in Europe and North Africa to our clientele.” 

“We are really pleased to welcome Air Transat to ‘Worldwide by easyJet’ and are confident their addition to Worldwide will be very popular with our customers,” said Johan Lundgren, easyJet CEO. “We have been delighted with the appetite of partner airports and airlines to expand worldwide across our network, and continue to broaden our focus to launch more airline partners and add connectivity to more of our biggest airports. Tens of millions of connecting passengers travel each year with journeys which begin or end in Europe.”

Through this new partnership, travellers passing through LGW who book a flight on the Worldwide by easyJet platform will have access to a wide range of flight options to Canada as well as multiple destinations in Europe and Africa. With one platform, they’ll be able to book their Air Transat and easyJet flights, with a minimum connection time of 2.5 hours between flights. 

Clients also benefit from GatwickConnects, a service offered by LGW, that offers flight protection between Air Transat and easyJet. The service simplifies baggage handling as well, with the GatwickConnects counter in the baggage reclaim area, where passengers can check in their bags and pick up their boarding pass for their next flight, making connections much quicker.

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