Good Deeds Week #3 TravelOnly
TravelOnly’s Charitable Efforts Help Provide Caribbean With Clean Water

By Martha Chapman

A group of TravelOnly advisors along with Carnival Rep Mairlisa Desmione (left) delivering supplies to Thailand

Global Medic is a key focus of TravelOnly’s charitable efforts, according to President and CEO Gregory Luciani, second from left.

Over its 44 year history, Brantford, Ont.-headquartered TravelOnly has supported a variety of causes. But a spate of hurricanes in the Caribbean over the past couple of years spurred a few of its associates to form their own group to support recovery.

“This group formed Travel Agents Care, with the main thrust of supporting Global Medic, the charity which, after the military, is first on the ground in disaster areas,” Gregory Luciani, President and CEO of TravelOnly explains. “They are the experts in helping communities recover – and in supplying the means to fresh water.” 

Travel Agents Care raises money through GoFundMe, solicitations from clients and other fundraisers. $50 buys a water purification kit suitable for a family or a school, and 100% of the money raised by Travel Agents Care goes to the charity. TravelOnly head office created the logo and provided the site.

“It was decided that since we sell so much travel to the Caribbean it’s an area we should support through good times and bad.” In fact the advisors who formed TAC feel so strongly about this involvement that they welcome travel advisors from other retailers to join them.

The group also assists in other directions:  last year when some 200 TravelOnly advisors were on board Norwegian Getaway cruising in Honduras, Belize, Mexico’s Costa Maya and Cozumel, they dropped off school supplies and drug store essentials at each port of call.

Like every travel company, TravelOnly, which now has some 650 advisors across Canada, is approached by many good causes throughout the year. Many advisors are very active within their individual communities, while Head Office also provides support for Sick Kids Hospital and Jake’s House for children with autism.

“We are all members of a community, whether here in Canada or in the Caribbean,” says Luciani. “We want to support good causes as much as we can.”

Martha Chapman

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