Rail Europe Adds New Destinations To Eurail Global Pass, New Routes & A Seniors Discount

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Rail Europe has announced a number of new and upgraded options for exploring Europe in 2019, including the addition of Great Britain, Lithuania and Macedonia to the Eurail Global Pass in 2019, and a new pricing structure that makes it 37% cheaper compared to 2018. It has also announced new direct routes between France and the Netherlands starting in APR 2019, and a new 10% discount for seniors ages 60 and over.

To accommodate shorter itineraries, a new three days in one month Eurail Global Pass has also been added for 2019. Travellers can now choose a flexi pass offering three, five or seven days of unlimited travel within a one-month period, or 10 or 15 travel days to be used within a two-month period, with a choice of consecutive or non-consecutive travel days. They can also opt for a continuous pass good for 15 or 22 travel days, or one, two or three travel months.

The Eurail One Country Pass is also now available for six days in one month. Choices now include three, four, five, six and eight days in one month (the France Pass remains one to eight days in one month). A Eurail Lithuania Pass and Eurail Macedonia Pass are also new.

Rail Europe has also added more domestic and international options on the Eurail Greek Islands Pass, which has expanded to include 53 participating islands. The international option, available in 1st and 2nd class, is valid for six trips within one month, with one round-trip Italy-Greece ferry connection and four domestic trips, including Trainose rail/bus transfer from Patras to Piraeus. A new five-trip option is available in 2nd class for five domestic trips within one month as well.

Also coming soon, a new Berner Oberland Regional Pass will be available for purchase through Rail Europe starting in MAR and valid for travel between 20APR and 31OCT, 2019. Choices include three, four, six, eight or 10 consecutive days.

For more information, agents are encouraged to visit https://agent.raileurope.ca/.

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