Quebec’s Tourisme Plus Closing Its Doors After 38 Years

Anna Kroupina, Open Jaw

Quebec’s Tourisme Plus is ceasing operations after 38 years

Today Quebec’s travel trade media outlet Tourisme Plus is closing its doors after 38 years in the business. 

“Publishing has been hit by a crisis for several years and no area is immune - including that of travel/tourism. For a publication like Tourisme Plus, which focuses on high standards of quality, it became impossible to remain profitable while continuing to be faithful to our mission,” writes Marie Chantal Cholette, President and Publisher of Tourisme Plus, in a statement announcing the company's closure. Cholette herself has 20 years in the travel/tourism industry.

The company, based in La Prairie, QC, published two magazines, Magazine Voyager and Tourisme Plus, and operated a digital platform as  

In her statement, Cholette thanked their advertisers and 8,000 subscribers.

Correction: The originally published version of this article references the closure of Canadian Traveller. This is incorrect. The consumer facing Canadian Traveller continues to publish quarterly as before.
However, the trade publication, CT, has been rebranded Key Notes On Travel and will also be printed quarterly but with a new editorial focused on professional development.
Open Jaw apologizes for any confusion this error may have caused.

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