Ex-TravelBrands VP David Boigné Set To Launch 5Continents

Bruce Parkinson, Open Jaw

David Boigné was formerly Vice President of specialty products for TravelBrands, where he oversaw the Exotik Tours product line until September 2017. 

Now he’s back with his own project, a company called 5Continents, which Boigné defines as a “hybrid between an inbound-outbound and a tour operator.” 

“I had a one year non-compete agreement with Exotik Tours to respect, so I used the time to prepare,” he told Open Jaw Quebec.

“I realize now that some people buy vacations, and others buy travel. The human aspect is very important: it is the difference between the two,” he says. The 5Continents creator hopes to work with those who intend on experiencing real travel, providing them with personalized touches.

“I hope to cantilever an industry which tends to put the lowest price first,” he says. “To make a legitimate place for myself in the market, I have to create custom trips; the motto is to create experiences and durable partnerships.” 

Opening in February, 5Continents will specialize in all types of groups, delivering “concierge-like” for weddings, incentives, school groups, medical trips and more. The company is based in Montreal, with associates and partners in Europe, Asia and Australia/New Zealand.

More information is available by contacting info@5continentsca.com.

Bruce Parkinson

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