Trafalgar Unveils List Of ‘Alternative Destinations’ To Trending European Hotspots For 2019

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Trafalgar has unveiled a list of alternative destinations in Europe, perfect for clients with changing demands or those looking to avoid the crowds in places that will allow them to learn, appreciate and experience something new.  


According to the travel company’s research, destinations like Scandinavia, Spain, Portugal, Croatia and Slovenia are becoming the hot-ticket trending destinations for 2019.


“This is due to these being easier to access than ever before, but also because of increased demand from guests to expand into other parts of Europe,” said Wolf Paunic, president of Trafalgar and Costsaver Canada.

“Scandinavian lifestyle trends like lagom (balance) and hygge (cozy comfort) are also informing a new way of travel – a return to personal well-being and a desire for real connections. This is fueling increasing demand for an alternative travel experiences and destinations where clients can connect meaningfully and authentically with the world.”


Trafalgar’s ‘Be My Guest’ experiences, ‘Dive Into Culture’ and ‘Stays With Stories’ experiences all offer clients the opportunity to achieve these demands.


“Croatia is an example of one such alternative hotspot. Our Best of Croatia and Slovenia trip spends two nights on Lake Bled, visits Ljubljana, heads down to Opatija, and spends time in Rovinj with truffle tasting en route. The highlight of this trip from a scenic standpoint is of course Plitvice Lakes, but we also visit Split and stop in Ston to see the historic saltpans where salt has been harvested from the sea pre-dating Roman times using the same methods today,” said Paunic.


Trafalgar has also tweaked its popular Best of Norway itinerary in 2019, taking away one night in Oslo to add an overnight stop in Sognjefjord, which is home to the longest and deepest of all the fjords.


The brand has also added a 14-day Treasures of Spain and Portugal itinerary. “This two-week trip, which begins in Madrid and ends in Barcelona, sees clients meet Vera and Tiago at their 17th-century stud farm in Portugal’s Alentejo for a traditional ‘Be My Guest’ lunch, as well as savour the sherry tradition of Jerez, which has been making wine since the 7th century. It’s a big round-trip which also includes visits to the Hanging Houses of Cuenca, the Synagogue in Toledo and the Cave Houses of Guadix, among other highlights in the Iberian Peninsula, but it’s split up in a way to make the trip manageable.”


Trafalgar also reminds agents that its 10% early payment discount expires on 30JAN.


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