Canadian Travel To Europe Grows 7%, Making Up 14% Of Outbound Total

Anna Kroupina, Open Jaw

Members of the Canada Chapter of the ETC at a recent meeting in Toronto. Photo credit: European Travel Commission.

Canadian visitors to Europe increased by 7% last year, with 6.2 million tourists from Canada visiting the continent, according to a report by the European Travel Commission (ETC). Moreover, Europe made up 14% of all outbound travel from Canada. 

Out of the 29 participating destinations, 21 say they recorded some form of growth in arrivals or overnights from Canada last year. 

Mediterranean destinations recorded the highest growth rates from the Canadian travel market, particularly Greece and Cyprus, at 77% and 65%, respectively. The ETC notes this may be due to increased cruise travel.

Turkey, Montenegro, Slovenia, Croatia and Poland also recorded an increase in arrivals in excess of 20%. 

Canadians weren’t so keen, however, on travel to Finland and Slovakia, which experienced decreases in overnight stays of 11% and 17% respectively.

Current ETC forecasts indicates that the average annual growth rate of arrivals from Canada to Europe through to 2023 will remain steady at roughly 2.2%.

On a global scale, Europe remained the most visited region in the world, with a 6% upswing in international tourist arrivals in 2018 compared to the previous year. The trend continues despite ongoing trade tensions, uncertainty surrounding Brexit and the economic slowdown in the Eurozone and China.

The European Travel Commission was created in 1948 to promote Europe as a tourist destination to the long-haul markets outside of Europe, originally in the U.S. and later in Canada, Latin America and Asia.

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