Four New “G For Good” Projects Empower Women & Youth In Africa

Anna Kroupina, Open Jaw

A photo from the Tribal Textiles "G for Good" initiative. Photo credit: G Adventures.

This International Women’s Day, G Adventures welcomes four new “G For Good” projects dedicated to supporting women and youth across Africa in collaboration with its non-profit partner, Planeterra. 

Of the 70 G For Good projects, 20 are solely committed to empowering women, and 2,043 women have been employed or trained through G For Good around the world through programs like Women on Wheels in India -- the country’s first fleet of female-only chauffeurs -- or in Tanzania, where a team of all-women engineers from the Maasai community have installed over 500 clean cookstoves and solar systems.

The new initiatives were selected based on the impact potential of G Adventures’ traveller market on communities in each of the destinations visited, and are a reflection of the increase in travellers seen by G Adventures across Africa over the past 12 months.

“The tourism industry continues to be one of the largest job creators in the world, with the ability to reach some of the most rural and underserved people across the globe. But, despite 55% of the tourism workforce being made up of women, there is often a lack of women in leadership roles. And, in many countries, women are completely excluded from education and the formal economy because of their gender,” says Kelly Galaski, Director of Global Programs for Planeterra. “We are committed to supporting projects, like these new initiatives in Africa, that empower and offer fair employment to women, because when women succeed, we all succeed.”

The four new G for Good projects are:

Tribal Textiles - Mfuwe, Zambia

This new G For Good project works with Tribal Textiles, a fabric workshop, café and hand-painted textiles shop where mostly women make up the shop staff and management.  G Adventures guests will learn how the textiles are made, enjoy lunch at The Courthouse Café onsite, and have the opportunity to buy unique artisan souvenirs.

Lusumpuko Women's Club - Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Through this G For Good project, the 1,800 travellers visiting Victoria Falls each year get to learn about traditional Zimbabwean meals followed by a meal served farm-to-table with local, in-season ingredients.

Princess Sewing Cooperative - Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Offering tailoring services in the township of Mkhosana, the women at Princess Cooperative have been provided extensive business training by Planeterra, and now offer a mending and laundry service to all G Adventures travellers travelling through Victoria Falls. 

AidChild’s Equation Café & Gallery - Kayabwe (Equator), Uganda

Working with AidChild, this new G For Good project supports the non-profit’s mission to provide support, medical care and education to the children and youth living with HIV in Uganda. G Adventures travellers will visit AidChild’s Equation Café and Gallery, and enjoy a meal made with traditional Ugandan ingredients.

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