Rouge To Change Name To Blush

Bruce Parkinson, Open Jaw

Air Canada’s leisure subsidiary Rouge is changing its name to Blush.

The announcement was made by airline president Duncan Bureau, who explained the reasoning behind the change that will require new livery for the 53-plane fleet.

“Many English-Canadians don’t realize that Rouge translates to ‘red,’” Bureau said. “Some invert the letters to Rogue, and although I like to think of myself as a maverick, it’s just not a nice name for an airline.”

‘Blush,’ on the other hand, means “to turn rosy or reddish.’ In French, ‘blush’ translates to ‘rougir,’ so it really isn’t that much of a change,” Bureau added.

Blush also refers to a cosmetic used for colouring the cheeks in varying shades of red. Which is also known as…wait for it…rouge. 

Selecting a name for a bilingual airline that will please everyone is next to impossible, Bureau told Open Jaw.

“I’m a little tired of hearing people say ‘I took a Rogue flight last week,’ or ‘those Rogue pilots are hot’. It gets old."

Bureau also announced that he is changing his own name to make it easier for non-French speakers.

“In the English-Canadian market I will go by Duncan Office. In Quebec they will still know me as Duncan Bureau. It will just make things easier.” 

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