VIA Rail Increases Easter Weekend Revenue By 8.8%

Anna Kroupina, Open Jaw

VIA Rail Canada’s pax revenue was up 8.8% from 2018's Easter break, the company’s best performance in 10 years and a continuation of its multiple-quarter streak of increased revenue.

Out of the 85,000 passengers who travelled with VIA Rail, more than half boarded trains within Ontario. As for interprovincial travel, 29% of passengers took the train between Ontario and Quebec.

While Ottawa – Toronto was the most popular route, Montréal – Toronto and Montréal – Ottawa were also very in-demand.  

The most notable ridership increases were on the routes between Montréal – Québec City (up 15%), Ottawa – Québec City (up 11.6%) and Kitchener – Toronto (up 9.8%)

VIA Rail also saw significant increase on non-corridor routes, which saw a 24.7% increase in revenue and an 8.9% increase in ridership, particularly on the Toronto – Vancouver and Montréal – Halifax long-distance trains.

Anna Kroupina

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