Canada Revamps Its Tourism Brand To Portray Inclusive Image

Bruce Parkinson, Open Jaw

The “Canada” logo is spelled out in a new font, with the letters arranged to form a heart shape. Alongside it is a new slogan, “For Glowing Hearts,” which replaces the old tagline in use for more than a decade, “Keep Exploring.”

Destination Canada, the country’s tourism marketing organization, says it began to review and refresh its brand in 2017. 

“Previously, we positioned Canada as a destination that would inspire travellers to ‘Keep Exploring,’ the group says in a press release. “Yet traveller expectations have evolved from experience-based travel to transformation-based travel. In addition, we know that pride in where people choose to travel is the number one driver in their decision making. Our brand must reflect these insights.”

Many potential visitors won’t get that the tagline ‘For Glowing Hearts’ is inspired by a line in our national anthem, buyt Destination Canada believes it will still “create a strong emotional connection with travellers.”

“Travellers today want more than an experience - they want to be transformed; they want to be moved,” says Ben Cowan-Dewar, Chairperson of Destination Canada’s Board of Directors. “The brand evolution is driven by the belief that travel should change you and Canada will leave a lasting mark on your heart. It is how we share our passion with the world.”

The brand evolution follows a five-year period of transformation for Destination Canada in becoming a more digitally focused, data-driven organization. Extensive market research and industry consultation helped shape the latest journey of the Canada travel brand.

In 2018, Canada welcomed a record-breaking 21.1 million international travellers to the country. 

Destination Canada will roll out the brand in its 10 leisure and 5 business events markets in the coming months. Leveraging the tag line, logo and concept of transformational travel, inspired by a pride for being Canadian, elements of the brand will be used to inspire Destination Canada’s content across digital and print platforms.

Bruce Parkinson

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