Crystal Says Buh-bye To Plastic Straws

Open Jaw

As of 8JUN, all plastic straws will be eliminated across the entire Crystal fleet as the latest part of its Crystal Cares program, which comprises a broad spectrum of environmental efforts and sustainable practices.

Paper straws will be available throughout the dining venues aboard Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenity as well as aboard the company’s yacht, Crystal Esprit, and the Crystal River Cruises fleet.

New ships will never carry plastic straws.

The move coincides with the annual World Oceans Day, also on 8JUN, designed to increase awareness of the need to preserve and protect the oceans.

"Crystal has always recognized that the world we travel is precious and deserving of our utmost care, and that all measures contributing to the preservation of our marine environments can make a significant impact," said Crystal's president and CEO, Tom Wolber. "This initiative, as well as the others under our Crystal Cares program, ensure that we are continuing our focus of caring for our world in meaningful ways."

Also under the Crystal Cares program, Crystal has committed to be more energy efficient and implement water conservation protocols and dedicated recycling programs.

The company also recently announced a partnership with ORCA – a leading conservation organization dedicated to the protection of whales, dolphins and porpoises – which will bring Cruise Conservationists aboard select Alaska voyages for training, research and data collection as part of its OceanWatch program.

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