TICO Makes Final Payment To Consumers Affected By Sinorama Failure

Anna Kroupina, Open Jaw

The Travel Industry Council of Ontario’s (TICO) Board of Directors approved a payment for CAD$4,270 to assist three consumers who did not receive travel services for which they had paid after tour agency Sinorama Holidays Inc. shut down in AUG 2018.

This follows a TICO payment that was approved on 28MAY, 2019 for CAD$249,500 to assist 135 consumers.

Additionally, at the time of Sinorama’s failure, TICO assisted 136 consumers with immediate departure and trip completion (repatriation) provisions, issuing payments of CAD$68,000 from the Travel Industry Compensation Fund.

This included a payment of CAD$12,500 for trip completion to assist six consumers already in destination at the time of the failure, and a payment of CAD$55,500 to assist 130 consumers who had immediate departures to various destinations. 

All consumers with eligible claims have now had their payments approved.
Anna Kroupina

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