Skyscanner: Marijuana Increases Canada’s Appeal To U.S. Tourists

Anna Kroupina, Open Jaw

Canada's recent basketball dominance has helped boost the country's appeal on the world stage, and according to a survey by online travel booking site, Canada can lay claim to a new reason for being a fan-favourite – last year's decriminalization of marijuana.

In a recent poll of 1,516 American adults, Skyscanner found that 36% said that Canada is a more appealing travel destination now that marijuana is legal. 

While legalization may be a new factor positively influencing travel consideration to Canada, other long-standing reasons still hold merit, namely outdoor adventure activities and the proximity to the U.S. 

According to Marissa Hills, Market Growth Lead at Skyscanner, "a look at searches and bookings for Canada globally have increased by 38%, year over year, which shows Canada is definitely on the world's travel radar."

Canada Isn't Sexy Enough for Canadians

While 59% of the Americans surveyed have Canada on their 'travel bucket list,' Canadian adults need a little more convincing to vacation domestically. 

A survey found that Canadians are foregoing domestic travel because of high costs (70%) and a desire for better weather (65%). The Canadian survey polled 1,519 Canadians on the Maru Voice online market research community.

Overall, nearly a quarter of Canadian respondents said that Canada isn't a sexy destination for travel consideration.

Anna Kroupina

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