Canada Expands Air Transport Agreements With Ecuador, Tunisia, Grenada

Anna Kroupina, Open Jaw

Canada has expanded air transport agreements with Ecuador and Tunisia, and signed a new agreement with Grenada. The move, which takes effect immediately, allows airlines to introduce more flight options and routes to and from Canada.

The expanded air transport agreement with Ecuador allows designated airlines to operate more passenger and cargo flights per week to and from Canada. The agreement also allows designated airlines to serve any city in the other country's territory.

Similarly, the expanded air transport agreement with Tunisia allows designated airlines to operate more scheduled flights per week between Canada and Tunisia.

The new agreement with Grenada is an Open Skies-type agreement, which allows an unlimited number of passenger and cargo flights between Canada and Grenada. 

"Diversifying access to new markets is a priority for Canada. Air agreements are great tools that support business expansions and trade diversification, creating better opportunities and jobs for all Canadians," said Jim Carr, Minister of International Trade Diversification.

These new and expanded air transport agreements were reached under Canada's Blue Sky policy, which encourages long-term, sustainable competition and the development of international air services.

Under the Blue Sky Policy, the Government of Canada has concluded new or expanded air transport agreements covering 106 countries.

Anna Kroupina

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