Air Transat Releases 2019-20 Sun Destination Program

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Air Transat has released its winter 2019-2020 program for Sun destinations in the U.S., Central and South America, Mexico, the Caribbean and Europe. Please visit for a complete summary.

The Maritimes

Transat will offer direct service to 10 South destinations out of Halifax, and to four departing from Moncton, from 15FEB to 30APR, 2020. Vacationers will enjoy easy access to the beaches of Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Jamaica, and Florida.


The Toronto region will have a choice of 25 Sun destinations in 10 different countries.

From London, ON, Air Transat will add a new direct flight to Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, and from Hamilton, there will be a new direct flight to Santa Clara, Cuba, as well as a second weekly direct flight to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

Europe in winter — From Toronto, AT will offer two direct flights a week all year long to Glasgow and Manchester, UK. Plus, the airline will extend to mid-JAN its flights to Barcelona, Spain, and Rome, Italy, with two direct flights a week to each city. Travellers will be able to fly to Portugal from Toronto, with two weekly direct flights to Lisbon, and one direct flight to Porto.

Western Canada

Travellers have a choice of 20 South and Europe destinations from Vancouver.

The South is also accessible to pax flying out of Calgary, Victoria, Edmonton and Winnipeg.

As of DEC, AT will become the sole company to fly direct from Vancouver to Fort Lauderdale, Florida (two direct flights a week), while adding departures to Liberia and San Jose, Costa Rica, (two flights a week) as well as a direct flight to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

Air Transat is also expanding its flight program from Calgary, adding another direct flight to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, for a total of four direct flights a week.

Europe in winter — From Vancouver, a number of Europe destinations are accessible via transfers in Montreal and Toronto, including Faro and Lisbon in Portugal; Madrid, Barcelona and Malaga, Spain; London, Glasgow and Manchester, UK; and Paris, France.


A total of 42 South and Europe destinations are accessible out of Montreal, and 13 out of Quebec City.

The carrier will now serve Spain’s Costa del Sol year-round, with direct service to Malaga from Montreal (two flights a week), and also Madrid starting in DEC (two direct flights weekly).

AT will continue its Orlando service (three direct flights per week) and add frequency to Fort Lauderdale, with direct flights now available daily out of Montreal during the peak season. The carrier will also boost frequency on its Quebec City–Fort Lauderdale route, offering five direct flights a week.

Also out of Montreal, Air Transat will have one additional direct flight each week to Puerto Plata (for a total of five direct flights a week), as well as an added flight to Montego Bay, Jamaica (four direct flights per week). Out of Quebec City, a flight will be added to Holguin, for a total of two direct flights weekly.

Europe in the winter — In addition to the Costa del Sol and Madrid in Spain, Air Transat will continue serving Portugal this winter, with direct flights to Lisbon. From Quebec City, twice-weekly service to Paris will begin in mid-DEC.

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