TDC Chooses TravelWorks Software For Its Agencies

Anna Kroupina, Open Jaw


Transat Distribution Canada (TDC) has chosen the management and accounting software of TravelWorks for all of its owned agencies and its network of home-based agents. This rollout follows the signing of a five-year agreement in NOV 2018.

"We want to provide our travel consultants with the most effective and efficient work tools," explains Nathalie Boyer, General Manager, TDC. "We especially appreciate the user-friendliness of the invoicing module, the interfaces, and the online accessibility of the data that agents and managers need, wherever in Canada they may be."

Jean Corneau, Chief Technology Officer and Chief Operating Officer at TravelWorks, says: "This rollout enables TravelWorks to once again demonstrate its ability to effectively manage the requirements of major clients such as Transat, this time by meeting the needs of more than 60 agencies in several provinces, a network of home-based agents, a call centre and a virtual agency, all within a single accounting product."

He continues: "Our software solution is also used by many of the TDC network’s franchisee and affiliate agencies. We are very proud to be much more than a Transat supplier, but a genuine partner whose goal is to facilitate its teams’ work and increase their productivity."

Anna Kroupina

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