Home & Abroad: Virtuoso Reveals Where Canucks Are Heading This Fall

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Many Canadians are opting to vacation close to home this autumn, according to Virtuoso's fall travel bookings that revealed Canada and the U.S. as the most popular destinations for Canadians.

The global luxury travel network reviewed figures for travel bookings made between SEP and DEC 2019 by Canadian agency members -- a warehouse of more than CAD$65.4 billion in transactions -- to compile the most in-demand locales for the coming season, sharing the results at the 31st annual Virtuoso Travel Week running from 10-16AUG in Las Vegas.

The Virtuoso Top 10 -- The most popular fall and holiday destinations for Canadians according to future bookings.

  1. Canada
  2. United States
  3. Italy
  4. United Kingdom
  5. Australia
  6. Mexico
  7. Israel
  8. France
  9. South Africa
  10. Spain

"With such a diversity of destinations and experiences at home, Canadians choose to travel domestically for the holidays, as they did last year at this time," says Virtuoso in a statement.

Virtuoso adds that Europe’s appeal as a summer destination lengthens into fall, with four countries making the Top 10. Australia, popular with families and adventurers, provides a sunny escape, as does Mexico for relaxation-focused travellers in search of a beach retreat.

Two other perennial favorites, South Africa and Israel, beckon families seeking trips of a lifetime at the festive season.

The Virtuoso Hot 10 -- The countries that have experienced the largest increases by percentage in year-over-year bookings among Canadian travellers.

1. Rwanda (+533%)
2. Sweden (+435%)
3. Fiji (+380%)
4. Malaysia (+258%)
5. Barbados (+186%)
6. South Korea (+154%)
7. Austria (+111%)
8. Malta (+103%)
9. Jordan (+101%)
10. St. Lucia (+95%)

Virtuoso says that while Canadians still flock to the sandy beaches of Fiji, Barbados and St. Lucia to escape from crisp fall weather, they are also journeying to destinations with an exotic flair.

Jordan, Malaysia and Malta combine a warm climate with vibrant culture and intriguing history, while Sweden and Austria provide active experiences in stunning scenery for active travellers, Rwanda offers close-contact wildlife encounters.

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