CTA Launches Inquiry Into Incident Involving Bumped WS Pax

Anna Kroupina, Open Jaw

The Canadian Transportation Agency is launching an inquiry into how WestJet handles its passengers during schedule changes.

Canada's transportation watchdog says the probe was sparked by a complaint after a Canadian couple en route to Italy were bumped from their flight out of Edmonton on 22JUL.

According to a HuffingtonPost article, WestJet told the pair they were not entitled to compensation because the incident amounted to a “flight delay” rather than a “denial of boarding.”

The report raises the possibility that WestJet's tariff – its contract with customers -- is being interpreted and applied in a manner inconsistent with the denied boarding provisions of the newly implemented Air Passenger Protection Regulations. 

"The Air Passenger Protection Regulations set out the minimum obligations airlines have towards passengers in a number of areas. It's important that the wording and application of airline tariffs be consistent with those protections – and that, to the greatest extent possible, airlines and passengers have a common understanding on what's required in different situations. This inquiry will help achieve that clarity," said Scott Streiner, Chair and CEO of the CTA.

Anna Kroupina

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