Travel Agents Care Raising Funds For Clean Water Kits For The Bahamas

Bruce Parkinson, Open Jaw

Karen Gill & Marie Odorizzi

Pat Probert, Karen Gill, Steve Gill, Ian Elliott and Marie Odorizzi.

Travel Agents Care – an organization founded by five Canadian travel agents in 2017 to help Dominica after it was devastated by a hurricane – is inviting the industry to help raise funds to provide clean drinking water kits for families in the Bahamas.

The group partners with Global Medic – an Etobicoke, ON based organization that provides emergency relief to those affected by natural disasters and complex emergencies. 

In 2017, the group raised over $35,000 to provide clean water for families in Dominica.  According to Karen Gill, one of the founders, $50 provides a family of five with clean water for up to six months using kits that turn dirty water into drinking water.

“With the horrible situation in the Bahamas, we reached out to the director of Global Medic and said we can do a campaign to get more water kits to the Bahamas,” said Gill. The weeks after a hurricane are critical, the longer people are without clean water the faster they will become ill and potentially die.” 

She added: “We have set an initial target of $5,000 which would mean 100 water filtration kits. We believe that we will exceed that and ultimately we are hoping to reach $10,000 for 200 water filtration kits. These kits are used in local hospitals, nursing homes, shelters, schools and family homes or temporary living camps.”

How you can help

Travel industry members are encouraged to donate by liking the Travel Agents Care Facebook Page where the donation link is in a post-- or visit and click on” donate” to be taken to the donation portal.

The founders of Travel Agents Care who comprise its executive board are: Karen Gill, Plan A Vacation-The Travel Agent Next Door (St. Catharines); Marie Odorizzi, This is Travel-The Travel Agent Next Door (Brampton); Sharon Loppie - Time 2 Travel, Dartmouth, The Travel Agent Next Door (Nova Scotia); Ian Elliott - My Way Holiday, Travelonly (Toronto); Pat Probert - Bob's Family Travel, Travelonly (Toronto)

All travel agents are welcome to get involved with Travel Agents Care and take part in fundraising, assisting with loading containers to go to the islands and helping with local initiatives, regardless of agency affiliation. 

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