TICO Charges: Megan Lalancette and Moose Travel Company Ltd.

Bruce Parkinson, Open Jaw

The Travel Industry Council of Ontario (TICO) has charged Moose Travel Company Ltd. with one count of operating as a travel agent without being registered.

TICO has also charged Megan Lalancette with one count of operating as a travel agent without being registered and one count of being an Officer and Director of a Corporation and failing to take reasonable care to prevent the Corporation from committing an offence, in this case, for operating without TICO registration.

It is alleged that Lalancette operated Moose Travel Company Ltd. as a travel agency and sold outdoor and adventure tours across Canada, which included both transportation and accommodations. It is also alleged that the company ceased operations and consumers did not receive their tours. Some were only partially refunded.

Lalancette will appear in court at 60 Queen Street West in Toronto, Ontario on 10OCT, 2019.

Global News has been covering this story from a consumer perspective. You can read more here.

Bruce Parkinson

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