Off The Map Travel Announces 8 Northern Lights Itineraries For Winter 2019-2020

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A photo from the Lights at the Lodge itinerary.

Northern Lights travel experts Off the Map Travel introduces a new collection of experiences designed to capture the Aurora from, in or around the water.

The eight itineraries in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland give guests a choice of travel opportunities including viewing from a luxury yacht or kayak, from the ice on a frozen lake, while looking down over the fjords, or while floating in the Arctic waters.

Each itinerary can be personalized to the needs and interests of travellers.

"We have found that water can enhance the experience of hunting for the Northern Lights, adding relaxation, excitement and even spirituality," says Jonny Cooper, founder of Off the Map Travel. "Our programs have been designed and refined with this in mind and reflect the distinctiveness of each location where we travel."

"Aurora On The Water" programs for winter 2019 include:

ARCTIC BATH SPA (Harads, Sweden) - View the Aurora from Arctic Bath, a new floating spa and hotel frozen into the ice of the Lule River. Guests can gaze at the sky from the deck of the floating spa building or look upward as they float in the cold natural plunge pool in the Arctic Bath’s centre.

SAIL UNDER THE AURORA (Tromso, Norway) – Relax on a luxury catamaran while searching for wildlife by day and the Northern Lights by night. This water-based Northern lights hunt also offers a chance to catch your own dinner to be prepared and cooked by the onboard chef, learn navigation skills, and even take the helm of the catamaran.

SLEEP BENEATH THE STARS while Glamping on a Frozen Arctic Sea (Lulea, Sweden) - True romance can be had while staying alone on a frozen lake at a remote glamping site. With no distractions in the Arctic wilderness, guests enjoy uninterrupted views of the skies and the Northern lights.

ALONG THE VIKING TRAIL with sea kayaking under the Aurora (Lofoten Islands, Norway) - From the comfort of a sturdy double kayak and accompanied by an experienced guide and photographer, guests will embark on a nighttime adventure to explore local waters and hunt for the Northern Lights.

AURORA FLOATING (Rovaniemi, Finland) - Outfitted in special clothing and a dry rescue suit, guests float comfortably in a newly cut hole in the ice and gaze out at the Northern Lights and Arctic night sky.

NORTHERN LIGHTS WATERFALL PHOTOGRAPHY (Iceland) - Guests join an award-winning photo guide for an exclusive Aurora photography master class at a waterfall while searching for the perfect “double shot” over the tumbling water and in the reflection below.

LIGHTS AT THE LODGE (Narvik, Norway) - Travelling in a new gondola, guests will rise above the mountains above Narvik while looking down on the waters of the local fjord. The Lights at the Lodge venue affords a warm, indoor spot to search for the Northern Lights under the guidance of an onsite expert.

VOLDA FLOATING LODGE (Tromso, Norway) - A converted 14-guest ferry is moored in a secluded bay near Tromso Island surrounded by the night sky, mountains and the water of the fjord, allowing for the Northern Lights to be reflected on the water as well.

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