Jetlines Still Working To Secure Funds

Anna Kroupina, Open Jaw

Fledgling ULCC Canada Jetlines Ltd. says it's still working to secure the appropriate financial commitments before it can take off.  

In a statement, the company said: "With regards to financing efforts, Jetlines is currently discussing the opportunity with a number of institutions whose investments would be sufficient to launch operations. At this time, Jetlines’ partners at SmartLynx Airlines SIA and InHarv ULCC Growth Fund remain committed to seeing Jetlines through the financing process. Jetlines intent is to convert investor interest into financing commitments, but it cannot provide any assurances that this will occur."

To date, Jetlines says it has made significant advancements towards launching commercial airline operations, from signing agreements with airports, suppliers, service providers and other key stakeholders. 

Jetlines has also made progress in the licensing process through the submission of operations manuals and licensing documents to Transport Canada and the Canadian Transportation Agency. 

The missing key, however, is securing the financing required to actually launch airline operations.

In JUN, the company revealed a rebrand and announced a launch date of 17DEC, 2019.


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