Eastern Europe Takes Centre Stage In Trafalgar 2020 Europe & Britain

Bruce Parkinson, Open Jaw

Macedonia is a new destination addition
for Trafalgar in 2020.

Trafalgar has released its 2020 Europe & Britain itineraries featuring 118 trips across 49 countries, including eight new trips and six new destinations. 

In addition to long-time top-sellers like Italy, France and the United Kingdom, Trafalgar is shining a spotlight on some of the hottest emerging destinations in Eastern Europe, including Macedonia, Georgia, Armenia, Serbia, Albania and Montenegro.

“We’ve seen a growing interest in destinations in Eastern Europe and the Balkan cities, as guests look to explore destinations further that are off the beaten path,” said Michael Unrath, Trafalgar’s Head of Product for Europe and Britain.  

“Better still, we are visiting a number of ‘under-tourism’ destinations and helping to bring clients to these fantastic up-and-coming places, while creating new and engaging Trafalgar experiences alongside, to bring each place to life,” Unrath said. 

In keeping with the brand’s commitment to connecting guests to places, people and experiences, each trip in the brand’s 2020 collection includes at least one of Trafalgar’s ‘Be My Guest’ experiences. From dining with a count at his 16th century Italian villa to breaking bread with villagers in the mountains of Turkey or having dinner in the home of one of Ireland’s top celebrity chefs, these experiences allow guests to connect with locals in ways typically not possible.

Trafalgar is also committed to providing interactive and engaging experiences to bring the unique characteristics of each places to life in a hands-on way. Guest favourites include: visiting a local market with an Italian Chef, then hand-making pasta at his Tuscan villa: an after-hours dining experience in the iconic Vatican; a lesson in the art of French cooking in Paris’ Marais district; a port tasting in Porto; or for younger clients, transforming into a Roman Gladiator for a day or even trying their hand at archery while channeling their inner Game of Thrones character.

Trafalgar also offers ‘Make A Difference’ experiences on many itineraries that let guests directly give back to the communities they visit.  

For those who haven’t yet locked in their 2020 Europe & Britain travels, Trafalgar has also announced a 10% Early Payment Discount (EPD) for bookings made and paid in full by 18DEC.

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