Tourism Australia Invites The World Down Under With New "Philausophy" Campaign

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Tourism Australia is celebrating what it calls "the distinct and defining character of Australia and of Australians" with a new campaign inviting the world to experience first-hand the "Down Under" way of life.

The new three-year global campaign, called ‘Come Live our Philausophy’, will start to roll out internationally in the coming months.

Tourism Australia's "Come Live Our Philausophy" campaign launch. L-R: Phillipa Harrison, Managing Director, Tourism Australia; Robert Irwin, Australia Zoo; Dr. Terri Irwin, Australian wildlife conservationist and owner of Australia Zoo; Kathy Lette, Australian-British author;
and Kylie Kwong, Australian chef and television presenter.

A deliberately Australian play on words, Philausophy aims to capture the philosophy of Australians and their informal approach to living, which research shows is highly appealing amongst visitors, says Tourism Australia in a release.

Federal Tourism Minister Simon Birmingham said this latest campaign strategy is part of a $35 million investment that will be rolled out in Australia's 15 key tourism markets to attract more international tourists Down Under.

“In such a competitive global market, the sell is tougher than ever. We need to stand out from the crowd and find a unique selling point that sets us apart from our competitors," Minister Birmingham said. "Philausophy aims to do this by not only encouraging people to book a flight to Australia and visit our incredible destinations but go a step further and actually immerse themselves in the best of the Australian way of life.

“At its core, Philausophy is about giving travellers from around the world a taste of what makes Australia such an enjoyable destination by shining a spotlight on the people, lifestyle and personality that make Australian experiences so memorable.

A suite of new creative assets have been developed for the Philausophy campaign, including over 5,000 new images captured across every state and territory, a series of industry videos, bespoke social content, a refresh of, and a book featuring well-known Aussieicons who provide perspectives that help explain the Australian way of life.

Tourism Australia Managing Director Phillipa Harrison said that Philausophy was all about elevating one of Australia’s greatest assets - its people.

“The Australian character and way of life has long been woven into our marketing. Our new campaign will continue to build on this narrative by inviting the world to come and live our ‘philausophy’”.

“Philausophy will be brought to life by our industry, because who better to talk about the Australian way of life than those very tourism operators who live it themselves every day. Not only will they be front and centre in the campaign, but they will be pivotal in ensuring its success by continuing to be the face of our country’s tourism offering to international travellers.

Speaking about his involvement in the new campaign, Australian actor and Global Ambassador for Tourism Australia, Chris Hemsworth said that Australians have something truly special to offer to the world.

“To say that Australians are laid back, outgoing, and have a great sense of humour would be both buying into widely-known clichés and admitting an absolute truth. An incredible sense of adventure and an insistence on having a great time is truly born into our DNA,” Hemsworth said.

More information about the new campaign can be found here.

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