Uplift Signs Up Key Travel Brands For Its Monthly Payment Financing Offer

Bruce Parkinson, Open Jaw

Uplift, Canada Managing Director
Denise Heffron

Uplift, the Silicon Valley travel financial technology company that lets travellers make monthly payments on their vacations, says both the industry and consumers are responding positively to its model.

Working exclusively through travel partners, Uplift enables travel brands to offer consumers the freedom to pay for their trip over time, through flexible pay monthly options. 

Uplift was founded in 2014 by a team of travel industry veterans led by CEO, Brian Barth. The company officially launched in Canada in the first quarter of 2019, with long-time Transat executive Denise Heffron, managing director of Uplift, Canada. 

To date, Uplift has partnered with Sunwing.ca, SellOff Vacations, Redtag.ca, itravel2000, Travel Professionals International (TPI), TravelOnly, Tripcentral.ca, Centre Holidays, Fareconnect.com, Northstar Travel & Associates, Travel Masters, Niche Travel Group and Contiki. Travel agents at large can also take advantage of the Uplift product through booking with Travelbrands, one of the earliest supporters in Canada. 

“Three of our most prominent brands; Redtag.ca, itravel2000 and TravelBrands have all adopted the Uplift technology, ultimately providing more affordable options for Canadian travellers,” says Dianne Jackson, Vice President of Retail, Red Label Vacations Inc. 

“Our travel agents can offer more choices to their clients while our customers can make their dream vacation a reality. Uplift has given us a unique selling feature in the Canadian travel market and we value our partnership with them.” 

Heffron says the company is finding a receptive audience in Canada.

“A year ago travel financing was not an option, we entered the market with one goal: to make travel more accessible, affordable and rewarding for Canadians,” Heffron says. “We receive testimonials almost daily from clients who thank us for helping them make memories with their families, without the stress. It’s gratifying to see so many valued partners and travellers benefiting from Uplift Pay Monthly.” 

Jenn Black, Senior Travel Consultant, Tripcentral.ca, says Uplift is answering demand. “Not everyone is able to pay four thousand dollars upfront for a vacation. Uplift has allowed our clients to book holidays without the burden of paying it off immediately, it’s the travel solution we’ve been looking for!  

“Since adopting Uplift Pay Monthly our clients have been able to experience travel the way they want to,” Black says. “They’re able to upgrade hotel rooms, choose comfort class with airlines, book suites on cruise ships and so on, all without worrying about a large lump sum payment.”

Bruce Parkinson

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