Kensington Tours Offers Its ‘Must-See’ Destinations For 2020

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Kensington Tours, the Toronto-based specialist in customized, privately-guided travel, has released its list of trending travel destinations for 2020. 

The list shines a spotlight on destinations that Kensington’s Destination Experts believe are evolving, either economically or environmentally, making them desirable places to visit in the year ahead. 

“All of the emerging destinations we’ve chosen for 2020 offer travellers the opportunity to unplug and unwind, but there is also a sense of urgency when it comes to visiting these five destinations,” says Alison Hickey, President of Kensington Tours. 

“The Baltics and Uganda, for example, are poised to become incredibly popular vacation spots in the coming years so we’re encouraging customers to go now while these places are still relatively under the radar,” she explains. 

“Alaska and Greenland, on the other hand, are home to fragile ecosystems feeling the effects of climate change. Touring these places with a local, private guide can really add context around how the changing landscape is directly impacting those who live in and near the Arctic Circle.” 

The emerging destinations for 2020, according to Kensington Tours, are as follows: 

Mongolia: Currently untouched by mass tourism, Kensington says Mongolia is a destination that will intrigue even the most intrepid explorer and new airline routes mean this fascinating country is now easier to reach. Your clients can stay in a traditional ger, experience horseback riding with nomads and retrace the footsteps of famous paleontologists on a Vast Skies of Mongolia journey. 

Uganda: The proliferation of five-star lodges and gorilla trekking options in neighboring Rwanda has had a positive influence on Uganda, driving the development of better accommodations, improved roads and enhanced tourism infrastructure. The country’s Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park is home to half the world’s mountain gorilla population, while Queen Elizabeth National Park has ample opportunities to encounter elephants, lions and baboons. Kensington says your clients can experience the wonders of Africa on a private tour for a fraction of what they’d pay in nearby safari destinations on the Uganda Highlights journey. 

Greenland: Kensington invites your clients to venture to this off-the-beaten-path destination to hike icy fjords, helicopter over mammoth icebergs and visit 1,000-year-old Viking ruins. Climate change is affecting Greenland’s landscape with every passing day, so Kensington says opting for a privately-guided tour like its Greenland: The Last Frontier expedition is the best way to experience the country’s ancient glaciers while developing a deeper understanding of the complex challenges the country faces today. 

Alaska: When Wi-Fi signals fade, nature shifts into focus. Cruises around the 49th state have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years, but Kensington Tours offers the opportunity to explore Alaska by land instead. Alongside a local, private guide, travellers can experience transformative encounters with Alaska’s wildlife and its awe-inspiring glaciers. 

The Baltics: With fairy-tale castles, medieval towns and untouched forest landscapes, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania offer the best of Europe without the crowds or the high price tag. Travellers can experience the cobblestone streets of Tallinn and the sea breezes of Jurmala on Kensington Tours’ Baltics Highlights journey. 

“Across each of these emerging destinations you can expect that our Destination Experts will have every detail taken care of for you,” says Hickey. “We’ve also got teams on the ground that know these locations better than anyone else and can offer unmatched, authentic, immersive experiences tailored to meet the needs of each individual client.”

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