TDC’s Fecteau Says Financial Health Of Network Is Key Priority

Bruce Parkinson, Open Jaw

Louise Fecteau

As Transat Distribution Canada (TDC), hosted around 200 travel agency owners, preferred partners and members of the TDC leadership team at its bi-annual National Leadership Conference, General Manager Louise Fecteau said the financial health of Canada’s largest travel agency network is the group’s top priority.

Giving opening remarks at the Marival Armony Luxury Resort & Suites in Punta de Mita, Mexico, Fecteau stressed that “protecting the financial health and security of our travel agency network is one of our main objectives.”

She added: "We are the largest network of travel agencies in Canada, notably because we have developed strong relationships with respected industry leaders, but most importantly, because we fundamentally believe in the role that travel professionals play when it comes to their relationship with their clients, and more than ever, we want that role to be a central focus in our work." 

Ensuring financial health and security also means protecting against the scourge of travel industry fraud, a growing threat to retailers in recent years. Transat's cybersecurity manager addressed the conference, detailing methods frequently used by hackers and fraudsters and educating members about phishing, identity theft, ransomware and other threats. 

He also outlined what Transat is developing to minimize risks to the travel agency network, and concluded by giving practical advice on what retailers can do to reduce potential risks associated with cybersecurity in their daily operations.

After a week of workshops, strategic reflection, discussions, and various presentations to support network members in their business objectives, the TDC conference will wind up tomorrow.

Bruce Parkinson

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