Revamped ACV&Me Loyalty Program Was Driven By Partner Feedback

Dana Gain

Travel advisors were the architects of a “complete makeover” of Air Canada Vacations’ ACV&Me Loyalty Program.

“When we polled our travel partners 18 months ago and asked what they wanted to see in our agent loyalty program, they came back with some very clear requests,” says Dana Gain, Senior Director of Sales, Groups & Partnerships at Air Canada Vacations.  

“First, instant redemption. Agents wanted the ability to redeem for their reward and receive it in the same transaction, which they can now do,” Gain says. 

“Second, partners wanted more ways to earn points. As a result, we added land-only and cruise-only accrual options to the program. And finally, agents asked for more redemption options, something beyond a Visa gift card and a future travel voucher.” 

After receiving that feedback, Gain says ACV staff spent months researching options, and determined 26 new redemption possibilities that are now incorporated into the enhanced program.

Early response to the new program has been more than encouraging, Gain says.

“We have seen redemptions increase in the double-digit percentage points just since launching the enhanced program. The response has been incredible and continues to pick up pace.”    

Here’s a look at the structure of the revamped program.

Effective immediately, travel advisors can now earn:

  • 500 points on Cruise and Flight packages, 7 nights or more 
  • 500 points on Sun packages, 7 nights or more 
  • 300 points per passenger for Group bookings 
  • 200 points on Land Only, 3 to 7 nights 
  • 200 points on Cruise Only, 3 to 7 nights 


ACV says the enhanced program allows agents to earn more points faster, and instantly redeem for a wider variety of options, including instant shopping and dining gift cards from 28 Canadian retailers. Agents will also be able to travel with ACV for less – with the new ACV&Me members will receive a $75 Travel voucher instead of $50 when redeeming the same 5,000 points.


Redeeming points is easier than ever too!


From gift cards to saving on your next escape, here’s what you get: 


  • INSTANT REDEMPTIONS: Gift cards are now available in $50 or $100 denominations! 
  • QUICKER TRIPS: Redemptions for future travel have expanded to get you on your next trip in a flash! 
  • FAST CASH: Redeem on a Visa Card to a minimum of $100 with 12,000 points OR reload your card for a minimum of $100 with 11,600 points! 
  • MORE POINTS POWER: 5,500 points now gets you 2,500 Aeroplan® Miles! 

Looking ahead to the future of ACV&Me, Gain says: “We will continue to evolve the program as the trade continues to tell us what they’re looking for. The entire goal of the initiative is to support our very important travel partners, so as we hear additional feedback about how we can do better, we will continue to offer new options.”

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