After 40 Years, A Fresh New Look For Uniglobe Travel

Bruce Parkinson, Open Jaw

Vancouver-based Uniglobe Travel, which has built a global network of local travel agencies across more than 60 countries and boasts $5 billion in annual sales, has unveiled new branding for the first time in its 40-year history.

“A lot has changed since 1979,” said Dean Dacko, Regional President, Uniglobe Eastern Canada, who led a presentation on the rebranding effort to key partners, franchisees and trade media. “In fact, virtually nothing remains the same except that logo.”

Dean Dacko, Regional President, Uniglobe Eastern Canada presented to key partners,
franchisees and trade media on the reasons behind the rebranding effort.

Dacko says there’s “a sea of sameness” in travel branding, “especially in the corporate travel segment.” He illustrated this with screenshots of competitor websites. 

“In today’s world you have about a second and a half to get someone’s attention. We want to change the way people perceive business travel, put our stamp on their expectations,” Dacko said. 

“And there’s a very different face to corporate travel today. We’re not just taking that suit-and-tie guy from Point A to Point B. It’s men, women, young and old, different ethnicities – and we need to speak to all of those people.”

Celebrating the launch of a rebranded Uniglobe are Uniglobe Eastern Canada members
(left to right): Joel Kopstick, Regional Vice President; Alice Hildebrandt, Travel Technology Manager;
Andrew McLaughlin, VP Corporate Finance; Sonia McKeon, Director of Marketing & Supplier Relations;
Dean Dacko, President; and Paul Jason, Director,Technology and Information Management.

As well as a sleek new logo, website look-and-feel and retail signage, Uniglobe has adopted a new tagline, replacing the current ‘Travel. Simplified.’ 

The new brand motto is ‘Travel Well.’ That reflects another major shift in corporate travel – where the main focus once was on saving money for corporate clients, today the health and safety of travellers has become a much higher priority.

For Ron Dawick, President Of Uniglobe Adventure House Travel in Oakville, ON, ‘Travel Well’ is a perfect motto for today’s corporate travel environment.

Air Canada Vacations was on hand to celebrate Uniglobe’s new look. Joining the
Uniglobe Eastern Canada group are Dana Gain, Senior Director Sales, Groups & Partnerships
(fourth from right) and Robert Reed, Manager, National Accounts (second from right).

“It could not be more timely, considering the importance of duty of care these days and all the events disrupting travel. We needed a change and this is spot on,” Dawick told Open Jaw.

Trying to get franchisees in 60 countries to buy in on new branding would be a tall order for any company. Dacko said a previous attempt a few years ago was abandoned when agreement couldn’t be reached. 

This time, a global committee was formed and an extensive consultation process ensued, buttressed by competitive and SWOT analysis. Strategy firm RedShift Collective and branding agency Carter Hales were brought in to guide the process and “bring the brand firmly into the future while retaining the iconic teal that has so long been associated with Uniglobe.”

U. Gary Charlwood, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Uniglobe Travel International, made this statement on the company’s updated presence.

The new look.

“Our new brand reflects our continued commitment to innovation while providing our clients with an elevated service experience that puts them first. To succeed in today’s travel industry, it’s all about being engaged, knowledgeable, creative problem-solvers, with the ability to see possibilities and solutions others can’t. Now we are taking the brand to another level with a focused client-centric strategy all about providing travel solutions that help businesses grow.”


Bruce Parkinson

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