TravelBrands Cancels All Agent Appreciation Events

Anna Kroupina, Open Jaw

TravelBrands is cancelling its upcoming 2020 Agent Appreciation Events across Canada as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. 

"Our primary goal is always to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our partners, travel agents and employees. We want to make these events as enjoyable as possible and focus on all the new features TravelBrands has to offer. While this decision was not easy, it is the best for the wellbeing of everyone at the moment,” said TravelBrands in a statement to media partners.

According to GlobalNews, Canada currently has 27 coronavirus cases, with 18 reported in Ontario.

Jamie Witmeyer, Communications Specialist with TravelBrands, said the cancellations are "a preventative measure" to avoid any potential spread of the virus.

"Our shows bring out suppliers and guests flying in from various countries across the world," she pointed out.

The Agent Appreciation Events were scheduled to take place between 23MAR and 2APR in Woodbridge and Ottawa, ON; Montreal, and Quebec City, QC; Calgary, AB; and Vancouver, BC. They were designed to showcase TravelBrands' new product offerings and system upgrades/enhancements.

Witmeyer added that TravelBrands has multiple communications channels to connect with the travel agent community that it will utilize to showcase what is new. This includes live webinars, sales team visits, the TravelBrands Facebook group and other social media platforms. 

She said all new developments for the upcoming year will also be revealed in the next few weeks with a press release.

Anna Kroupina

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