Via Rail Reducing Service By 50% On Québec City-Windsor Route

Anna Kroupina, Open Jaw

As a result of significant reductions in pax volumes, combined with the need to deploy resources to more effectively deal with the coronavirus pandemic, Via Rail says it is reducing services along the Québec City-Windsor corridor by as much as 50% as of 17MAR. 

Regional services (Sudbury-White River, Winnipeg-Churchill, Senneterre-Jonquière) will continue to operate according to their respective schedules with no change. 

In addition to the service reduction, VIA Rail says it will also introduce a modified meal service aboard its trains and limit the amount of staff and pax interaction, in line with health authorities' social distancing guidelines.

Pax in economy class will receive a complimentary snack and water, while in business class, the regular meal service will be replaced by a light meal and water. In both classes, no other food or beverage service will be offered and pax with food restrictions are being asked to plan accordingly. 

Via Rail says it will deploy additional on-board employees on all trains in order to sanitize coach cars while in operation. This is in addition to the previously announced enhanced cleaning protocol in effect at terminal stations. 

"As a public passenger rail service to all Canadians, we remain committed to provide as much services as possible under the circumstances, as well as a safe travel environment for our customers and our employees. As we are already seeing an important reduction of ridership, these additional measures will help to allow us to maintain the service," said Cynthia Garneau, President and CEO. 

"We are deploying these additional precautions knowing that they will have an impact on our capacity to run our trains on time. We thank our passengers for their patience and understanding during this challenging period for all Canadians and want them to know that all of us at VIA Rail remain dedicated to offer the best possible service and travel condition, especially on board our trains, in our stations and our call centres."

Here is an overview of Via Rail services:


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