BREAKING NEWS -- Canada To Close Borders To Non-Residents, Assist CDNs To Come Home

Bruce Parkinson, Open Jaw

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced that Canada is closing its borders to non-residents. The only exceptions will be for air crews, diplomats, and – for now at least – U.S. citizens.

Further, airlines will be formally mandated to screen for symptoms of COVID-19 prior to allowing boarding. Air operators will be required to complete a health assessment on every traveller, and anyone with symptoms will not be allowed to come to Canada. 

Trudeau said that the Canadian government will provide financial assistance to asymptomatic Canadians abroad to help them return home and cover costs for basic needs as they make plans to come back to Canada.

“If you are abroad at this time, it’s time to come home,” Trudeau said. Anyone arriving from abroad will be asked to self-isolate for 14 days.

As reported earlier on Open Jaw, starting 18MAR, international arrivals will be restricted to four Canadian airports – YYZ, YUL, YVR and YYZ. Flights from the U.S., Mexico and the Caribbean will not be subject to this policy. 

“I know that these measures are far-reaching. These measures will help save lives,” Trudeau said.

The Prime Minister also encouraged all Canadians to stay in their homes as much as possible.

Trudeau says the situation is evolving quickly, and changes to the new policies – including the possibility of closing the border to U.S. citizens – could be made in the coming days.

Bruce Parkinson

Bruce Parkinson Editor-in-Chief

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