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The travel industry always pulls together in tough times. That’s why we love it so much.

So let’s share good news, smiles and support!

  • How are you personally coping with the COVID-19 fall out?
  • Any positive experiences to share of strangers coming together to help each other?
  • Share when a supplier rep goes above and beyond. Name names!
  • Give a shout-out if someone in the biz needs help

Please share your comments below. And to repeat a phrase you’ve probably heard a lot of in the past days – “Your call is very important to us...”
The Open Jaw Team

A Note From Mike Foster, CTC
President, Nexion Canada 

“I am hearing from some advisors and their clients about the good in people and in their actions too.  Acts of kindness, acts of support, we are even seeing new sales - which is surprising to many people. I am even hearing from people looking to enter the industry for the first time.

Open Jaw has always been a force providing positive and supportive stories to deliver a good balance to the news of the day, and the touch of humour is always welcome, especially now. I know how much you care, and think that you and Open Jaw may be able to provide a forum for an exchange to help advisors see some positive stories and experiences.”

Response from Open Jaw President, Nina Slawek
“Thank you Mike. This Check In page is an invitation to all members of the industry – suppliers and advisors alike, to share their experiences – the good the bad and the surprising.”

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