Sunwing Offers Seats On Repatriation Flights Free To Stranded Canadians

Bruce Parkinson, Open Jaw

Sunwing is offering available seats on its repatriation flights from southern destinations to stranded Canadians, free of charge – including for non-Sunwing customers.

“We understand a lot of Canadians are still stranded outside the country and struggling to get home,” said Stephen Hunter, CEO of Sunwing Travel Group. “That’s why we want to open up any extra capacity we have. It’s the Canadian thing to do.”

As part of its ongoing efforts to repatriate Sunwing customers, the travel company is bringing home approximately an additional 11,000 Canadians today, which will bring the total number of repatriated Sunwing customers to over 33,000.

Sunwing is operating approximately 60 flights from various holiday destinations, departing today.

Canadians looking to return home on a Sunwing flight should check the most up to date flight times here.

In a statement, Sunwing offered advice:

“If a northbound flight is operating from their destination, they should make their way to the departure airport and present themselves to the Sunwing Airlines check in counter. If space remains prior to departure at the closure of check in, any available seats will be offered to Canadians or Canadian permanent residents free of charge. 

Given the unprecedented situation, the focus of our company and destination team remains on the repatriation of our customers.  We therefore ask to please refrain from calling us since availability can only be confirmed at the airport ahead of the closure of check in for each flight service.”

Sunwing says it expects to have all customers home by Monday 23MAR. Sunwing says it is operating almost 400 flights and spending more than $26 million to bring these Canadians home safely.

Bruce Parkinson

Bruce Parkinson Editor-in-Chief

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Hanna - March 20, 2020 @ 11:47
Why do we have to turn every good thing into a whine. Sunwing is letting people come home for free on any seat they have left over. If you are not booked on Sunwing, you can't expect them to actually "book" you. Standby is a good enough gesture for me. Let's give praise where it's due.

Cathy - March 20, 2020 @ 10:29
Call and try to get one. The free seat is STANDBY only.

Grant - March 20, 2020 @ 10:20
Really??? All Sunwing has done is gouge our clients and overbook return flights, then lie that the flight is cancelled (due to overbooking) and move them to another city/date. Really Sunwing??? Free flights???? I don't buy it. Fake news!!!

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