Air France To Offer Three YUL/CDG Flights Next Week

Bruce Parkinson, Open Jaw

Air France has announced that it will continue to serve Montreal with three flights from Paris next week, in order to assist Canadians and French citizens who need to get back home. 

Air France says it is working together with French and international authorities to adapt its flight schedule in real time in line with the evolving situation and the new restrictions imposed on airlines. 

As of Monday 23MAR, several international services, even if considerably reduced, will be maintained to enable French and European nationals to return home.

Air France strongly encourages all its customers to plan their return trip without delay and to modify their booking directly at, where support measures are regularly updated.


AF International flight schedule for week of 23MAR, under the restrictions known on 19MAR 


  • Europe: Amsterdam, Athens, Barcelona, Berlin, Dublin, Edinburgh, Frankfurt, Geneva, Lisbon, London, Madrid, Munich, Stockholm, Zurich
  • Africa: Abidjan, Conakry, Cotonou, Libreville, Kinshasa
  • North America: Montreal, New York, Los Angeles, Mexico City
  • South America: Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo
  • Asia: Tokyo
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