"TravelBrands Is Here To Support You:" Frank DeMarinis Video Address

Anna Kroupina, Open Jaw

TravelBrands President and CEO Frank DeMarinis has reached out to travel advisors in a new video address, offering his "thoughts and prayers" to the trade community in the face of these uncertain times. 

"You have and continue to give 110% working long days, especially in the last few weeks supporting your clients, giving them critical, valuable information and flights options to bring every Canadian back home," he said. 

"I am so proud of each and every one of you for your hard work and dedication you have given not only to your clients but to your retail agency arms."

That said, DeMarinis acknowledged that TravelBrands could have done more to help agents.

"We have not made your job easy in the last several weeks with our call volumes at our call centre exceeding our daily limits during these times and for that, I do apologize for what you've experienced in the call centre," he said. 

He added that TravelBrands has already started making immediate changes to policies to deal with agent requests in an effective way. One of the new resources designed to help agents is a page created on the Access platform with the most up-to-date supplier policies and updates. 

"Your requirements are our only priority. I want to assure you that we are 100% dedicated to assisting you and your clients," said DeMarinis.

"This is a time for patience and understanding as we work through all the future travel vouchers for your clients. We will issue them as quickly and effectively as possible."

DeMarinis reiterated TravelBrands' dedication to the trade community.

"The travel community, we are all in this together, and our team at TravelBrands is here to support you all. We will and shall persevere together to become better and stronger. We have always and will always have your back. Our slogan has not changed. Without travel agents, there would be no TravelBrands."

DeMarinis said this video is part of a new series as a way to connect with travel advisors. 

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