Air Transat To Operate Repatriation From Central America & Haiti

Anna Kroupina, Open Jaw

Air Transat, in collaboration with the Government of Canada, deploying repatriation flights to Haiti and Honduras, as well as additional flights to El Salvador and Guatemala. 

"Ever since the tightening of international borders, our flight operations have been dedicated to repatriating travellers to their countries of origin," says Jean-Marc Eustache, President and CEO of Transat. 

"Until the temporary suspension of our operations on 1APR, we will continue to work tirelessly toward this single goal." 

Here are the flight details:

  • A flight from Guatemala City to YUL took place on 29MAR aboard an Airbus A330-200. 
  • A flight from San Salvador to YUL will take place on 30MAR aboard an Airbus A321-200. 
  • A flight from Port-au-Prince to YUL will take place on 30MAR aboard an Airbus A330-200.
  • A flight from Roatan to YUL will take place on 30MAR aboard an Airbus A321-200.


Global Affairs Canada is coordinating the efforts for all Canadians wishing to return home aboard these special flights. Canadians abroad are encouraged to register with Global Affairs Canada. Canadians who require emergency assistance should email


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