Hola Sun Says It Will Dispute Chargebacks, Reduces Due Date For Final Payment

Anna Kroupina, Open Jaw

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Hola Sun Holidays flights to Cuba aboard Air Transat have been suspended until May 31, 2020. Those who are unable to travel due to the suspension of their flights will receive a future travel voucher, which is valid for 24 months from the original travel date. 

"Hola Sun Holidays would like to thank its industry partners for their understanding and support during these challenging and unprecedented times," said the tour operator in a statement. 

The Cuba tour operator says the future travel voucher will be automatically applied to these reservations, so there is no need to contact Hola Sun regarding the credit. 

Following the lead of Sunwing and Air Canada Vacations, Hola Sun also says that the cost of credit card chargebacks will not be passed along to its retail partners. 

"The tour operator is complying with TICO’s new amendments as it continues with the process of issuing future travel vouchers for those reservations affected by COVID-19," says Hola Sun. "At the same time Hola Sun Holidays is working together with government regulators and financial institutions in order to reduce the financial risks of chargebacks and to mitigate the burden on its retail partners."

Hola Sun has reduced the final payment due date to 25 days prior to departure instead of the normal 45 days, a move that aims to "provide peace of mind to travel agents and customers and to offer more flexibility when making new reservations."

This new policy, applicable to packages and air only, is valid for departures between June 1 and October 31, 2020. The tour operator’s regular policy still applies to any changes and cancellations. 

"Hola Sun Holidays wants to encourage you to continue to practice social distancing, stay home, keep safe, spread kindness, be positive and dream that very soon you will spend a lovely time in the Caribbean," said the operator.

Anna Kroupina

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