Lufthansa To Restart YYZ-FRA On 03JUN

Anna Kroupina, Open Jaw

Hans DeHaan

Citing pent-up demand as countries around the world ease travel restrictions, Lufthansa says it is preparing to relaunch flights to Canada on 03JUN, with thrice weekly direct service between YYZ and FRA.

The German airline says additional Canadian flights are being evaluated and planned for later in the summer.

“Lufthansa flights to and from Canada have always been popular and well-received, and so this unprecedented halt of our flight operations is a difficult situation that we are working to overcome”, said Hans DeHaan, Senior Director Canada, Lufthansa Group. 

“We are committed to serving the Canadian market, and with Toronto as the first wave in our ramp up, the Lufthansa Group continues to reinforce its strong commitment to the region and to the country.” 

Lufthansa Group plans to serve a total of 106 European destinations next month.

From 4MAY to 31AUG, Lufthansa Group passengers are required to wear a facial mouth/nose covering while on board. The group recommended that passengers wear the protective covering throughout their entire travel journey, including before and after the flight, and whenever the required minimum distance cannot be guaranteed without restriction. 

All Lufthansa Group flight attendants in direct contact with customers are also required to wear a mask. 

As a result of this new regulation, the middle seat is no longer being left empty, although staff try to allocate seats as far apart as possible within the cabin.

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